Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sorry Mr. Turkey...Pink Cheetah for Thanksgiving?

Dave's bike took another step toward completion as I finished up the last of the paint on his frame today.

His daughter picked the paint scheme for his new endurance race rig...Pink Cheetah.  I struggled for a bit trying to come up with a visual method that did not look too cartooney, but seriously, how realistic can you make a pink on pink spotted bike look?

I settled on on light pink base, airbrushed hair in a darker shade, then dark pink and black ringed spots to give it some visual definition.

Parts are floating in...gonna be built with Pink anno King headset, bb, and hubs, Ti bar, stem and seat post, Ceramic coated Hot Rods, and a Carbon/Ti WTB saddle.  Gonna be HOT!

On Martin's Ti bike horizon, I've successfully ruined another set of Ti dropouts after hours of manual machining.  I'm putting up the white flag and am gonna draw them up in Solidworks and throw the igs files to my CNC guy.  I like to do as much as I can myself, but alas, it pays to have the right tool for the job.  Anyone got a CNC Vertical Mill laying around they want to get rid of cheap?



Monday, November 14, 2011

fidlley bits...

The last three weeks have seen me absent from the shop, focus re-directed at the Fire Department and the final weeks of political action on a state wide safety issue.  Creeped back into the shop and established a groove yesterday, however.

Lot's o' guides for this 2x10 with chain stay mounted disc brake build...

Also finished up the direct front derailleur mount; started as a hunk of square bar and a 1.125 tube...

The kids have been jumping in on the action; Kalten cutting stock for the 2012 run of bars and Em media blasting Eric's Cross Country Racer to get ready for paint.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Outspoken Cyclist and Groovy...Unite!


Had an opportunity to cruise up to John Carrol University and chat with Diane and Greg for the Outspoken Cyclist.  We all had a ball, just wish I, um, could have, um, not said "um" so much :)

Regardless, listen if if ya like, but if most of ya have been around here at all, most of the info is gonna be somewhat redundant.

Listen right here!