Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Still hanging around...

Sorry for the absence folks, but I had to redirect my priorities for about 3 weeks.

As many of you know, I am also a full time Captain with the Wooster Division of Fire.  We received word that due to state monies being withdrawn from the local government fund, it would be necessary to trim 2 million dollars from the City Budget, 45% of which would need to come from within the Fire Division.  In an economic climate where we have made budgetary cuts each of the last 4 years, the only line item left for such a marked reduction is in personnel.  So, for the last 3 1/2 weeks, all my attention has been on helping with re-structuring the budget, implementing a educational program for our administration and council members, and working on operational strategies to operate with less people.  At stake is the livelihood of six families and the safety of our remaining personnel, so I hope y'all understand the time away.  It's has been and will continue to be emotionally hectic til this is resolved.

In the interim, we also had our final race of the season for 331 Productions, a critical bike vs. car accident and injury occur to one of our cycling family, had our business cell phone hacked, and in the last week, I developed an abscessed tooth, which I was able to ignore until today.  The pain got so bad I had to make an emergency run into the dentist, so I write this now with one less tooth and a mouthful of gauze...yuk!

That all being said, let me bring you up to date on a few items.

Doug's bike was completed and delivered

All Ti bars for Sept and Nov should be shipping out on Monday.

Hot Rods will not be ready til Nahbs...I had to change the design a bit to accommodate the production of the Ti pieces so all machining will be the same.  I am running the new pieces through in the next month, then it will take a couple months to finish fabrication and secondary processes.  With the changes made for the ti, this should complete the design tweaks and give me a constant stream of production now.

Last call for Dennis T, you're up for the next build and need to contact me.

Thanks for everyone's patience, I look forward to being productive again  :)