Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Groovy Ho Down Fork...fresh fabrication

Most of you that know me through the internet have learned that I'm a bit of a vintage/retro nut...I really appreciate and respect the fathers of the industry and the designs they embraced. So when I wanted to build a new / distinctive fork for customers that wanted something unique, I looked back to some of my favorites for borrowed inspiration. Some of my favorite classic forks were the Fat City Cycles Yo Eddy and the Grove Innovations Hardcore. I blended a bit of each into the new Groovy Ho Down fork...

The Ho Down is a rigid straight blade design that uses 1.0" blades, scalloped tabbed dropouts, a rectangular box crown and gently curved blade tops to give a visually unique look.

The fork offers just the right amount of flex in the lower third of the legs to absorb trail chatter while remaining stiff enough in the crown for dead straight tracking.

So, what's the origin of the name? Pondering what to call this piece, I wanted to relay two things; a name that reflected the large shape and surface area of the crown and the feeling of euphoric dancing through a wicked single track. Then it hit me, kinda reminded me of an old fashioned southern square dance or Ho Down. Got it!

This will be the first customer fork, a rigid disc 29er that will be going on Zach's Bigwheel. It's going to get a lush Jollipop red metallic finish today, should be awesome!

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