Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some booty shots...

Hey folks, catching up on some older pics for ya so I can get to the current crop of work.

I thought I'd share a couple shots of Steven's frame coming together. 

Fitting up the chainstay to the dropout, I first mitered the end of the .75" tube off center with a hole saw and then slotted the piece to take the flate plate dropout.  The gently mitered round cut will receive a matching scallopped plate to ease the transition into the dropout once finished.

As I'm using larger round stays to match the style of the older frames, but trying to insert a larger 29er rear tire into it, I needed to create a bit more clearance between the stays for mud room.  I achieved this by crimping the stays at the apex of the tire line.  Notice that the crimp is centered on the stay and is parallel.  I like to use these linear placements vs. a vertical crimp, as it allows the depression to be placed along the length of the tube, increasing the surface area to distribute the stress and relieving the potential for stress related failure.

Mocking up the fit in the fixture...

And a shot of how she'll look once all put together...lots of gentle bends in this rear end, should be sexy once in the dirt ;)

Things will be heating up in the shop the next two months as I prepare customer bikes for NAHBS.  Jim and Chad, I'll be dropping you some emails this week to discuss your road bikes...thanks for your patience.


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