Monday, February 1, 2010

Shiny new Yo for Doug...

Howdy folks,

Today I finished up the last of the work I wanted to get done before beginning to fabricate customer bikes for the NAHBS...only two weeks behind where I wanted to be, figures.

On center stage today was Doug's Yo Eddy resto final prep.

Doug had requested a Yo fork and a custom stem for his recently acquired frame.  After discussing the vintage of his frame, we were able to discern the required dimension for the fork and off I went.  I waved my magic wand and out of the metal shavings, dust, and some dramatic Tapcon smoke came a 1" segmented fork and oval bodied aheadset stem...Presto!

So taken with the illusion that transpired before his eyes (ok, email), before I knew it, we were stripping his dandy blue frame and spraying the whole shebang up in a Grello-esque neon powder, twice.  Yep, I said twice, let me share with ya a bit.

I typically will use a TGIC polyester powder as it has the best blend of flow, coverage, and UV resistance.  Unfortunately, these spanky neon colors only come in urethane blends.  Lacking some of the traits I like in TGIC polys, Urethanes are well formulated for tubular applications as they flow really well, wrapping around the tube quite smoothly.  Therein too lies the problem, they will flow right off of sharp edges like cable guides, leaving only a whisper of color behind.  So, in an effort to insure complete coverage, the frame got a second trip under the magic wand of dustage.  Bummer, too heavy around the seat cluster, got a sag.  Unhappy with the results, I decided to strip it and start all over.  I wish powder came off as easily as it goes on :(

Second round, a heavier primer layer and shorter cure time for the color helped keep everything where I wanted it.  Some quick reaming/facing/tapping and on go the decals for the finishing touch.  Watch my hands, nothing in my hat, and...Wha-la!
'aint the magic of the internet grand? 

Thanks for your attention, you've been a gracious audience.


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