Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny things you see on a ride...

Emmy and I got out on the tandem for a quick 10 mile ride and I could not help take a pic of this...

probably the funkiest chicken coop I've ever seen.  Maybe this is why organic "free range" chickens are so expensive, the rent on the condo is mucho denero.



skunk + aaron carrion said...

the term "free range" and cage free" are a myth, there is no regulations governing it like there is with organic (and that doesn't mean much either)
more info here:

your picture look like a back yard chicken operation, they all look like that (minus the bus)
to learn more about were the chicks/chickens come from.

Rody said...


Don't know about back yard, but it is definitely an Amish farm...the bus is pretty high tech for them.

I looked to see "where chicks/chickens come from", but it was not clear which was first, chicken or egg :)

Thanks for the info,