Thursday, June 9, 2011

Box full of goodies...

After another long stretch, I got off duty last night and can now enjoy 5 days (hopefully uninterrupted) in the shop.  Waiting for me when I walked in the door last night was this little box of goodies...

"FRA GIL LEE"...just like the lamp in A Christmas Story...
A box from Don and Matt at Anvil, what could it be?

Oh, hello Mr. Bendy  :)

Don had asked me back at Nahbs if I would play with his new bender design for a while and give some feedback on what I liked, felt could be improved, or changes to make it a more streamlined piece.  Who could resist such an offer, eh?  The equipment came with both .75" and .875" dies and rollers, so I should be able to do some funky stuff with each.  I've got two projects in mind right now.  You can never have enough bending tooling around, as each device excels in different aspects of frame fabrication.  These may prove to be a valuable asset in the shop to compliment the other units I currently use.

I hate to see what they'll cost me if I can't convince myself to send them back :)



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