Tuesday, September 27, 2011

David's 29er...

Lots happening here at Groovy headquarters...have both fixtures loaded up with frames in progress, trying to work through the last of the bars for the year, and getting ready for the final race and open house this fall.

Today let's check in on David's bike...gonna be a 29er built around 100mm suspension to rip through the Oregon woods.  It will be painted in a pink cheetah motif (color choice courtesy of David's daughter) and fitted with some killer parts.

The possible genetic family tree?

A quick shot of the bottom bracket/down tube coming together...

I rolled a top tube and then brought it into the line of the rear end to give the bike a fast profile, paralleling that of the speedy cat.

I also have been working on the last of the bars...probably said yes too often to folks when they asked if we could work in just "one more" bar before the end of the years run.  Here's the last of the steels, ready for paint...

Will be finishing up the Ti's today.

Next post...we'll catch up on the bike in the other fixture, Martin's Ti.


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