Thursday, January 26, 2012

Collosial week done, moving forward...

"Our 18 month old patient will require .01 mg/kg of Epi (.1 ml/kg 1:10000) IV push circulated with cpr at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute followed by a 2 J/kg asyncronis shock.  If Torsades persists, we will consider Mag sulfate..."

so went my week teaching pediatric advanced life support.  If it sounds like a mouthful, just be glad you're reading it and not expected to know what it means, let alone be on the opposite side of the table from this anal retentive instructor :)  It was a loooong week, spending 92 hours in the fire department and only about 8 in the shop, but I'm glad it's over.

The few hours I did have, I was able to get the steel rear end repair completed and ready for color.  This one will likely be a powder coat, so that it has increased knock around durability for it's travel heavy use.

Final parts are ordered for the bikes going to Nahbs and I'll be charging forward with those builds hard and heavy starting on Monday.

If y'all have not seen the Nahbs page yet, I've been trickling in some more pics to update the Exhibitor profile and keep me on the front page.  It's been fun looking through the hundreds of files on the laptop to find some cool bikes to put on there.  So many pics of poor quality though, I need to get a pro photographer in house to live under the porch and exist on table scraps so I can document these things before they go out the door.  Anyhoo, if ya wanna see what's on the page, there are a ton of cool builders to comb through...

See y'all soon,


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