Monday, April 23, 2012

Fixture mods today...

Since the 44 headtube evolution has finally solidly landed on firm ground, I decided to make some time today to create new head tube pieces for the frame fixture. 

For y'all that are a bit in the rears...the 44 ID headtube allows for a diverse selection of potential steerer sizes to be utilized within the space of a single frame. From straight 1.125 in a zero stack setting, to tapered 1.125 to 1.5 steerers with just an exchange of lower cups. It'll do more, but thats the meat on the plate.

I modified the old fixture for the first few frames that used this new headtube, but it was time to get the main fixture up and running.  The new pieces are designed to be compatible with the bottom release puck and the micro adjust upper cone..all purge capable.

Here's a shot of the lower puck..the insert extends far enough internally to support the head tube and act as a heat sink for the downtube joint.  It is drilled, tapped, and relieved on the bottom to accept the drop away bolt on the bottom of the fixture to allow the frame to slide out freely after welding.
 The upper cone has purge reliefs drilled into it and utilizes a small milled slot that orients it in the fixture and limits it's micro adjust vertical height.

All together in the fixture with Keith's 44 head tube in place. 

Shot through some office work and placed lot's of orders for material and parts.  Off to the FD for a three day tour, see y'all soon.


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