Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello? 1980 wants it's frame back!

It's important to keep our past alive, so as a knod to those who have come before me in the bicycle fabrication world, I do some gratis work for Jeff and Wes of First Flight Bicycles and their Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology (MOMBAT). This is a pure restoration of an early 80's garage build frame. The original builder is unknown, the only clue being the serial # added to the bottem bracket: "CUNT".   At at least two other hands before me have worked on this frame due to the physical evidence present.

I kept the evolution of the frame intact, repairing only what was necessary and repainted it in a nice 1982 Lime Green Poly metallic.
 It will live on in the museum as a piece of work that contributed to the designs we ride today.

Thanks Jeff and Wes for keeping our past alive and each of us rooted.

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steve garro said...

Looks like either a very early Joe Breeze or a VVA!
- Garro.