Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family of LUV handles...

Family of LUV: 

an interesting group of finishes for these individual bars...raw Ti, two tone ceramic coated steel, ceramic coated Ti, silver powder, and a standard black powder bar. 

I really like the black ceramic with polished Ti, the contrasting matte and bright logo go well together.  I've expolored this combination, adding in paint, for a bike going to Nahbs in Denver this year and I think folks will dig it.  Can't wait to see for sure.

In other news, Jeff P came by the shop last week and we built up a winter cross bike for him so that he can begin cycling again. Jeff has methodically taken charge of his life, knocking off the actions that make up a "normal" day;  cooking his own food, eating without a straw, dressing himself, getting back to school at Akron U's School of Nursing, being able to drive again, etc...  Yesterday, he completed the last item on his list, to ride again. Congrats Jeff on the recovery!



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Anonymous said...

3The ceramic coated bars look great. Thumbs up for the groovy logo too.

It's going to end in another purchase (or two) so the whole fam are using them!