Monday, July 29, 2013

July roundup...

LOTS been going on here at Groovy HQ lately, so let's get y'all caught up.

I spent much time knocking out a load of Luv Handles for some direct and wholesale customers, both in Ti and steel coated with ceramic.  Got to play with some different application techniques than the recommended hvlp gun...

Next up was putting together a bender accessory for the JD2 tubing bender.  Many folks have difficulty using this piece for thin wall tubing, but the secrete is knowing the three required elements; fully encapsulating the tube, bending with smooth consistent pressure, and internal wall support.  This add on addresses the power application, eliminating the ratcheting system and providing wrinkle free bends down to .035".
You can see it installed into the frame of the bender below...look for a video soon.
The fixutre project is moving along toward completion.  After years of prototyping and making small changes for efficiency, the fixture pieces are through machining and are soon off to anno. We'll have twelve fixtures available to professional fabricators soon.  Keep and eye out here for the new web page with all the details.

The bad news...I've been through 2 separate contractors to have the cnc portion of the Hot Rods made with no success in the final product.  5 grand down and lots of wasted TI and I was no closer to offering the product I wanted.  Finally, a good friend stepped up and is going to run the parts.  He has the attention to detail and passion for cycling to make this a go...we get started the first week in August.  As a thank you, I'm making him a ti fork and bar/stem combo for his Eriksen single speed. Here's a shot of the fork with the fusion pass complete...

Despite a wet July, we've got the trails dried out and the Reagan Park Time Trial is this Saturday, see you there!


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