Friday, December 6, 2013

That aint bike type stuff!

Yep, one of the truths of having a shop full of tool makey things is that all kinds of folks find you with bleeding heart stories wanting special projects that they just can't get done anywhere else.  I've had the opportunity to to build nuclear waste paddles, medical equipment used in an emergency clinic, and even made connection links for prosthetics.  This week I added a few more...

I do not profess to be any kind of engine mechanic, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express so felt confident in making these diesel engine valve covers...

They are all aluminum and are built to Cummins specs with a modification for a taller header stack.

I also fab'd up a lid for my ultrasonic cleaner to keep contaminents out and to prevent excess evaporation of the lquid.  I ran my first ti parts through it last night with a specially formulated detergent for cleaning ti and am quite pleased with the result.  This will up the quality of my work another notch...unseen by the customer, but known to me, so that's what counts.

While I wait for final build info for Roger's Cruiser, I began working on a ti coupled 650b belt drive Rohloff bike (that's a mouth full), starting with the bar portion of an integrated bar/stem...

Kalten checkin in and sent me this pic of "NO Shave November" down at school...pretty scrappy  :)

I also brought home a special project for he and I to work on over his Christmas break, a 1989 Elvira and the Party Monsters pinball.  This machine has been home use only since 1991, and had not been cleaned in all those years.  After a quick wipe down, she's already looking pretty hot, but we have lots to do to get her back into fighting shape...

If you've not heard, the Groovy Open house is tomorrow, Saturday December 7th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, please feel free to stop by and check out what goes on in the process of fabricating custom bicycles.  Hope y'all can make it.



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