Friday, May 16, 2014

Johns titanium belt drive rohloff cruiser...

This project has been a long time in development, but is gathering steam and running for the finish line.

This will be a full Ti frame, Ti bar/stem combo, Ti Hot Rod cranks, Ti truss fork, Ti surf board rack, wood fenders, lights, rims...the list goes on.

One of the many cruxes of this build was fabricating a Rohloff compatible belt cog, as I am a bit rebellious and refuse to send a customer frame out for stiffness testing just so I have the privilege of purchasing a part.  So I took an existing cog for hyperglide and created a fixture that held it concentrically in the lathe so that I could machine out the internal section of the cog.

I then machined a 4 point engagement thread into an insert and welded it sequentially into the cog using an aluminum spacer placed in the welding fixture to insure the intended belt line was maintained once the threads of the cog were fully engaged.

The whole shebang was then coated in Cerakote for durability and muted looks.

BAM...we 'aint nobody's bitch  :)

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