Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OIRL 2014 is a wrap...

OIRL Race #3 took place at Findley State Park, Thorne Trail, a tight, twisty, root filled trail that began to push the rider's technical ability.  Wrapping around a beautiful lake with fall colors just beginning to turn, it was a venue that begged the student athletes to push their limits.

A fast gravel start led into the woods and the single track. Guy Dagget dominated most of the race until a mechanical opened the door for Clayton, also of Hudson, to pass and take the race and series lead.  The JV battle continued between Noah (MCC) and Paul (Wooster) for the top placings in the JV Mens category, with MCC sweeping most of the awards at the podium.

OIRL Race #4 stepped the technical and physical requirements up another notch, taking the high schoolers to Vulture's Knob, a tough race course known for it's short steep climbs, flowing downhill runs, and playful technical features.  The home course for Wooster HS, they took advantage of it, with Gillian dominating the Varsity Womens field and Anastasia of MCC putting in a great performance on the most demanding trail she's raced at.  St. Ignatius had a good showing as well, with all team members performing well.  A big thank you to 331 Racing and Pro Gold for filling the prize table with goodies, and Clif products for feeding all the kids with nutritional items during the race...

The final course of the season, Camp Tuscazor, played host for OIRL #5.  The series stress's progression in fitness and technical ability and brought that to full realization for the athletes when they pre-rode this venue.  A short 1.8 mile course was laid out that was strewn with wet roots, rocks, and 500' of steep climbing per lap, giving the participants a 2500' gain in just 9 miles of racing.  As the countdown commenced at the start line, a barrage of sleet and wind began, cutting to the glad the climbing kept them warm.  Wooster High School had a commanding lead in the Varsity competition thanks to the pony tail trio...Sydney, Gillian, and Emily who had consistently dominated the female podium all season.  The real race was for second, as Hudson and Montgomery County Composite came into the final race tied in points.  A strong performance by Clayton, Guy and Ryan lifted Hudson above the efforts of the team from Dayton, securing second.

However, MCC's Noah Landis dominated the JV podium most of the season, cinching the state title for their team just 6 points ahead of Wooster.

Congrats to all the student are the final results.

The final State rankings are as follows:

Varsity State Champions

1.) Wooster High School
2.) Hudson High School
3.) Montgomery County Composite (Dayton)

JV State Champions

1.) Montgomery County Composite (Dayton)
2.) Wooster High School
3.) Saint Ignatius High School

Final State Individual Champions

Varsity Female

1.) Gillian Wenger - Wooster High School
2.) Sydney Wenger - Wooster High School
3.) Emily Walter - Wooster High School

Varsity Male

1.) Clayton Travis - Hudson High School
2.) Guy Daggett - Hudson High School
3.) William Powers - Montgomery County Composite (Dayton)

JV Male

1.) Noah Landis - Montgomery County Composite (Dayton)
2.) Paul Lindenmann - Wooster High School
3.) Ben Carmel- Wooster High School

All athletes should be commended on their outstanding achievement.

The top three teams in Varsity and JV received trophies to be interned at their respective schools.


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