Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2015 Luv Handle orders

It’s time to open the order books for 2015 Luv Handles.  

There are a few changes this season that I’d like to review; first and foremost, I will only be producing Titanium bars from this point forward.  This decision was not easy, as I do value a product range that allows a range of fiscal levels, however, I just cannot physically continue to produce 400+ bars each year.  Moving to titanium only will allow a product that has the best blend of performance and durability, while allowing me to produce fewer units and maintain some balance in my life.

Secondly, there is no longer an upcharge for width changes; 25” to 30” in even inch increments will all be the same price.  As I’m doing fewer units, I can absorb the time it takes to modify the fixtures for individuals width needs.

Third, there will no longer be any wholesale discounts available.  Fewer units mean I need to maintain my margin to keep the lights on and the kid’s college tuition paid.  Sorry.

I will be producing bars bi-monthly.

So, with the preamble out of the way, here’s how to order.

As we are taking orders for the entirety of 2015, the spots will fill based on first come, first served.  To secure a place in line, please send a $50 non-refundable deposit by Paypal to  Please note in the comments box the width desired, finish (blasted, brushed, ceramic, custom paint), and if a custom shim is needed.  Please insure your shipping address is correctly noted on your account.  We will acknowledge your order and advise what month the bar will ship as well as the final amount due when your item is ready.  Not sure you want to commit without knowing your production date…drop me an email and we’ll let you know where we are at.
Thanks for your patience.

For those of you interested in Hot Rods, I’ll be posting 2015 ordering info here on Friday!


Chris B said...

Hi Rody. Put my deposit in for the Ti brushed 25" a little while back. Was great to meet you in Philly!

Unknown said...

Please put my name on the list for a pair of ti hotrods - have been checking the computer all day but no update on ordering info yet. Will put the deposit through via paypal as soon as you post details on your blog. Thanks in advance...