Friday, November 16, 2007

Omph...what a week!

Ever have one of those weeks that just absorbs your focus and before you know it, you have not slept more than a handful of hours and you're gazing blurry eyed into the mirror wondering where it all went? Yeah, me too.

So, busy week recap. Built up a geared 29er with a mix of Columbus, Dedda, custom drawn down tube, gently s-bent 4130 stays and breezer dropouts. Add on a curved stay brace and custom disc tab and this is one Sweeeeeet bike. The build went very smooth and am looking forward to getting this one built up into a full bike before shipping it off. Unfortunately, I don't get to paint this one, as it is destined for a metallic jollypop powdercoat.

The first HO Down DJ fork came back from powder and was installed on one of our local fly guy's rigs. He is going to take it up to Ray's Indoor Bike Park this weekend and give 'er what fer! Already impressed with the lightness of the front end after taking off the Rock Shox Pike...a weight reduction of 2.5 pounds...should be able to sail high off the table top!

The week wound down the last two days with some 16 hour pushes to finish 6 forks; a custom Ho Down xc for Jim in Cali...destined for his classic YO, a custom Ho Down xc for Roy's build...destined for Holland, another Ho Down in 1.0" for Dicks retro build, a cross 29er fork for the Black Jellybean Bigwheel for Cubby, and 2 more DJ forks as I had the fixtures already set...need a fork for big air or a tough 29er trail fork? Email me, I've got two left.

Gonna slow down for the week of Thanksgiving to see my kids and run out to see a showing of Spamalot, a stage production loosely based on all good things Monty Python.

Enjoy the Holidays,

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