Thursday, December 6, 2007

Federal training, short nights, and a bit of fab fun.

My dual role playing both framebuilder and fireman caught up with me this last two weeks. I had the "opportunity" (read...mandated) to attend a week long federal class on National Incident Management Systems for supervising emergency incidents of significance. Yes, it was as exciting as it sounds :^)

I followed this up with 2 days of Pediactric advanced life support Instructor brain is a bit fried but I am thankful to be through it all. It's nice to be back on my normal shop schedule again.

However dull the training was, I was able to spend my evenings cranking out some work.

I got a good start on Dicks cross frame...a nice steely with matching Ho Down fork. Gotta finish up the rear stay brace and silver on some tidbits and then it's off to the paint booth.

I also finished up some forks and got them out.

Jim's Ho Down fork with 1.0" steerer is destined for his Yo Eddy. He loves the ride of the rigid bike but was dealing with a steerer that was a bit too short. His new fork has plenty of steerer and I spun up some custom spacers in a variety of heights so that the can dial in the fit for the new ride. Hoping it is all he wishes for in ride characteristics and style.
Well, breakfast is finished and it's time to boogie down to the shop.
Hope all is well with y'all,

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