Friday, December 28, 2007

Bits and pieces and weeks gone by...

It's been a while since I last update y'all on the happenings around the shop, so here goes...

The big news was the warming addition of a new radiant ceiling heat system. Although I hated to invest in a new heat source, the old one was shot and despite my best efforts, it's tough to stay focused and motivated when you can't move your fingers due to the cold...ick! I ended up losing 4 productive days with the install; had to run new gas line, new electrical conduit, breach the concrete walls in two spots and then lift the 24' long system up by myself to hang it in place. It was totally worth it though...the warmth is soooo nice and I'm getting back to the business at hand.

I've been waiting on some Magura Firmtech brakes to arrive to begin Roy's frame, a 26" wheeled rim brake frame with Rohloff internal geared rear hub, custom bar/stem and fork. So, in the interem, I tackled those never ending little projects that seem to hang in the fringes, nagging at you for attention.

The laundy list included;

turning up some Eccentric bottom brackets for Roy's build, worked on the final design for his custom dropouts, replaced a super short threaded steerer tube in an old Slingshot fork with a bright shiny new long threadless one for Hoss, built a set of Stans Arch 29er and Phil Wood wheels with pink nipples for Chris's Bigwheel, sprayed up a set of cranks for Kaltens bike, finished paint on Eric's Ho Down fork, and began milling some new swaging plates. Whew!

So, been keeping busy through the holidays, feeling the pressure of getting my stuff together for NAHBS in Februar;y, and looking forward to posting again tomorrow night hopefully with two completed builds :^)

Here's a photo courtesy of Big K, self proclaimed photographer for the blog today...he likes this one!



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