Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold, snow, and the warmth of melting Ti...

Gonna be a quick post tonight folks...just finished up a three day push at the FD which was long but a lot of fun, culminating in a day of Firefighter survival and rescue training. Nothing like dragging a 200 pound dummy while wearing full SCBA and gear through mazes and out of windows to really beat you down physically. Came home this morning and despite my best effort to get into the shop early, I was a wuss and hit the bed for a couple of hours.

Finally made it in about 10 and got busy. First order of business was to kick out the last stragglers of the Ti bars...they are all finally welded up and ready to be glass beaded in the am, waxed and then shipped out in the afternoon.

I also heard from Chris B, he's winging into town tonight and will be picking up his road bike in the next couple of days, so I sanded out his finish and laid down the final two coats of clear. She looks glassy smooth, it should shine in the Texas sun :)

Goyo's internal cable tubing finally made it into the shop and will be ready for installation tomorrow so that I can get to melting his tubes together. It would be nice to have his fabrication done by the end of the week so that I can start throwing paint again on a couple of bikes.

If y'all have not taken the opportunity to jump on the blog as a follower, now is a good time to do so...I'm gonna have a few scratch and dent items in the next week that will go at cheap prices. Registered blogites (is that a word?) will get first shot!

Since I did not have the camera with me today, I thought I'd include a shot of the bike that started it all for me...as a mtb rider and a builder;

1980's Grove Hardcore

I'll be back with ya again tomorrow, where, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'll post up the full story of how I fell in love with the bike, how I stupidly sold it, and the effort to find lost love again (read with full on dramatic narrator voice over).




Joe said...

Hi Rody,

I distinctly recall reading about the story of your Grove on mtbr's VRC forum. It's the best thread I've ever read, IMHO!

Looking forward to to its reprise.


Roy said...

That hardcore rules sooo much ;-)

Rody said...

Thanks guys, I've enjoyed reading it again too :)