Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend tidy...

Quick post here to tidy up for the weekend.

Had not planned on it but ended up spending Thanksgiving day at work; half at the shop working on paint and half at the FD after being contacted to report due to multiple calls in progress requiring additional manpower. Ended up sending the family on to the gathering without me. I consoled myself by whipping up a omelet with hot pepper cheese once I finally got home that night.

Friday brought with it better juju...

Chris B flew in from Texas to assemble and pick up his new road bike, so I finished up some paint work while awaiting his arrival.

This bar is headed to Germany as part of a larger order; color requested..."something wild and funky".

I painted the bar up once all the way to the first clear coat and just was not feeling the colors/design that I tried, so rather than send out something I was not crazy about, I stripped it and tried again. I'm liking the green playful alligators and blue splatter on the pink much better :)

Chris brought along his SS coupled bike...we're stripping the Dura-ace parts off for the new road bike that will be a dedicated "stay at home" ride, and am building up the coupled bike as a single speed to ease his ability to quickly assemble and ride on business trips.

One polka dot with panels, one 50/50 splatter with panels; both in vanilla shake and titty pink.
Thanks to everyone that participated in the Black Friday sale...I'll be sending out some emails tonight to follow up.
Enjoy your weekend,

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