Friday, July 17, 2009

Never too early for travel plans...

Hey folks,

Yep, it's time to begin planning some winter travel to satisfy the bike geek in you; Don Walker has got the official web page up for the 2010 NAHBS and it's chalked full of info to help you satisfy your cycling desires.

Who's gonna be there? Well, the pre-registration for the builders who attended in 09 is up and they are listed on the web page. Time for everyone else who wants to be part to ante up. One of the aspects of this show that I really enjoy is the diversity of the folks who exhibit, from fairly new builders to guys who have been toiling away with a smile for over 30 years. The creativity and range of styles makes for a show that stresses individuality while bringing a level of professionalism to our cottage industry than encompasses all who attend.

Check it out... I hope to see you all in Virginia in February!

Speaking of guys who have their schwerve on, I want to put a shout out to an individual who was instrumental in guiding and encouraging me through the years, John Upcraft.

John, or "Hubby" as he is affectionately know, was Bill Grove's right hand man for many years, lending a creative focus and innovative drive to the business. When Grove Innovations dissolved in 98, Hubby took his vast experience and began teaching others at Penn Tech, leading a decade of new thinkers/fabricators into the work force. However, the love of bikes never left his blood.

With a little encouragement and a big deep breath, Hub has moved forward and hung out his shingle in the custom bike arena. His focus is on custom frame creations with meticulous detail in fabrication. Check out his site, I'm sure you'll be impressed with his breadth of knowledge and his attention to detail.

Good luck Hubby!



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