Thursday, July 9, 2009

Too much fun...quick post for the holiday

Hey folks,

Sorry I've been a bit lax on keeping up with ya on the blog, too many hours non-stop has limited my computer time of late. So, catching you up on what's been happening, I worked a crazy 108 hours at the Fd and 20 hours in the shop last Thursday to Tuesday, and took a brief 3 hours out on Saturday between the two to do some trail maintenance on a section of the Knob that has been bothering me for a year.

As Saturday was Independance day, we broke out Tim's special bike to ride around a bit, nothing like a homemade ride to bring a smile to one's face..

I had the pleasure of taking the controls while Kalten and Eric stoked the pedals...ahhh!
The section of trail we worked on was Candy's ridge, previously a multiple log crossing that had eroded into a muddy mess. Mike, Kalten, Eric and myself pulled all the logs out, cut in 3 12" deep french drains, crowned the trail and then layed in a pickup bed full of flat rock over crushed concrete to stabilize the area. Rolls really nice now :)

As Wednesday was my first full day back in the shop for a bit and I was coming off the tough work schedule, I kinda mulled around in a zombie like state and did not really accomplish much. Christi and I spent most the day packing and shipping...bars, forks, and stems all going out.
Here's a shot of Kevin's custom bullmoose we built a month or so back, all painted up in blue/purple pearl with a bit of prismatic to catch the Atlanta sun. This is going on his rainbox colored 80's Ibis. Finally shipping it out now as he tacked on a LD stem to the order and had to wait for me to finish that up.

It's tough to walk into the post with four loads of stuff to ship, the tellers all look around at each other to try and figure out who is gonna get stuck with helping us :)

Hope all is well with y'all,

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