Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey fancy pants, that's some fun paint.

Spent today working on Ti Luvs and Steve T's paint.  Steve is getting a house paint job...he let go of the reigns and let me do something unique for him.  He's getting a candy brushed flame job, with deep red fading to orange and gold.  It really shines in the sun.  Should look good rolling up to the winners podium :)

I also painted up a special bar for a lovely lady who was taken by the Hibiscus bike at Nahbs and had to have a bar to match her bike; sparkly purple flowers on a white base.

And for Mike in Pa, a shot of what the Groovy Tee's look like... ringer tees in brown, green, blue, and cardinal red.  20 bucks shipped to your door.  You can send the money by Payapl or call with a credit card.

Off to the hospital first thing in the am.  Don't know how long I'll be laid up but will try to keep up with email and such over the weekend. 



laffeaux said...

Best of luck tomorrow!! I wish you a speedy recovery.

DougM said...

That is a fine paint job Rody. Hope I can call you someday and say "build me a frame and use your creativity!"

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Provisions for 14 speeds worth of a Rohloff? Fine looking pony, mister.

Bicycle Loft said...

Best of luck to you!! My wifes bars look Great she can't wait to get them.

Thanks so much.

Tom and Julie