Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mega Update-a-Pa-Looza

I've been out of the shop the last two weeks and have pretty much had to ignore all email and voicemail as I've raced the clock to get the new shop ready for final building (structural/electrical) inspection today.  Sorry if I've inconvenienced anyone, but with the November lease deadline on the downtown location rapidly approaching, we had to re-prioritize the new location to be on schedule to move in when the lease expires.  The alternative... moving heavy equipment twice, no capacity to build at all, and a lot of aggravation, ughh.

The good news is, we passed!  So, now the final build out can commence and we're back on track.

A few shots for ya...the exterior all done, awaiting the 10x8 insulated roll up door.
Lot's of windows to let in natural light and make me happy...
The main shop area.  The paint prep room and booth will be located to the right out of the picture...
A view from the shop into the office.  A bathroom, located to the right out of the picture, will be a welcome addition for myself as well as customers who stop by (yes, if you read between the lines, you are correct to assume that the current shop has no flushy facilities...let you imagination be your guide).  A two level built in desk and corner bookshelf will fill the wall around the two windows with computer/stereo racks built into the corner below the work surface.

After inspection today, I finished prepping the last door for the shop, some beautiful pieces made of solid 1.75" Hickory.  Ready to dry fit the lower kick board with it's dovetailed joints...a woodworker I'm not, no patience for it at all :)

The office door all fit up, the paint prep room door leaning against the wall, and the windowed bi fold doors for the bathroom.

I'm really getting ancey to finish it up and begin working here...really feeling like home.

Speaking of home, I had the race team over for an end of season family picnic.  So often I see the guys at the shop, at the races, and seldom have the opportunity to visit with their families.  It was very nice to have a relaxed evening to get to know each other better, enjoy some spirited games of cornhole, feast on awesome grub, and warm ourselves by the bonfire.  Although it was a typical October evening, cool with light rain, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Carey and Jillian tossing some bags...

Steve, Lilly and Russel playing with the lacross sticks...
Ooohhh, the food!  Erin made a rocking apple crisp, Carey broke all the rules with his bean casserole, and Christi's home made mac/cheese was a definate calorie buster...yum!

Time to dig in!

I've wiggled some work in on bike stuff here and there, mostly on Sundays when I promised the family that I would not work (shhh, don't tell please)

Jared's Hot Rods got painted to match his Aqua Fade frame.

Flashing off the primer layers before color...
Mixing up the Lime green color for the gun...
 The faded in green to blue, sexy!
 I also began working on two Ho forks that are long overdue.  Welding up the steerer and crown pieces...
 A close up of the welds... I blasted the piece first, then wiped with acetone and welded, the more textured surface looking different from your usual fabrication piece.
 I also began spraying up a rasta Yo fork...that did not go so well.  Using positive masking to aid in the three color rasta fade...
 About once a year, something funky happens in the paint booth.  It's that time.  The glue from the masking actually reacted with the sanded clear, leaving behind adheasive residue that etched into the clear's surface. I cleaned it off, sanded it down a bit, but was not happy with the result.  I've learned through the years, it is better to strip and start over than to try to correct an imperfection on this level.
 All that new paint being stripped off for round two...
 Primered and ready to try again...
 We also had two races, Westbranch and Reagan Park, transpire as well...more on that tomorrow.  Golly, lot's more happening too, but I'm worn out tonight.  Off to the FD tomorrow and then Friday will be spent getting caught up on email, voicemail and beginning to frame up the interior walls.



Roy said...

Hi Rody,
good to see you back here :-) Real happy for you that the shop is getting his final shape, looks great!!
thumbs up from Holland,
cheers Roy

Mike said...

Great looking shop! Keep those Bob Villa pictures coming.

dicky said...

How is it my day only has 24 hours in it while yours seem to be in the neighborhood of 35-40 hours long?

You make me feel so lazy.

Shop looks awesome.

stevendot said...

Nice shop. Here's a good site if you haven't already seen it:

EnginCycles said...

What a joy it will be to have a level floor with no cracks to get the wheels of a chair stuck in! That shop looks outstanding.

Are you going to build a driveway up to it so the fork lift has a path? That grass and 6-10K lbs will get very tricky!

You should head east for Halloween weekend and come for the Phila Expo (even if only to sell all the handlebars you can carry).