Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Roy's Ti unicrown fork...to the scales!

I'm not a weight weenie, don't usually even care what the final weight of a bike or component turns out to be as long as it hits my performance parameters.  I did however, give in to pressure and buy a cheap Park scale to appease a few of my more critical customer's desires for final weights.

Just for fun, I installed the Chris King race and starnut on a Ti fork I recently completed for Roy's X frame build (a collaborative effort between Bill and I) and threw it on the scale for kicks.  This is a 100mm suspension corrected piece with hooded dropouts, disc brake, and my own spec'd Ti tubing from Titanium Joe.

The fork...
The weight... 820 grams or about 1.8 pounds for you Imperial folks
This is the last of what I would consider the "prototype" forks...I believe they are now dialed in and I am very happy with the performance.  Pretty darn light, just supple enough, and should last for miles of singletrack.

I also pushed through a project that's been lingering on the shelf for a looong time... Vernon owns the powder coating shop I do most of my powder work in.  He has 6 kids, can't afford a new bike for each of them, and wanted me to just go over this one for when his youngest son is old enough to fit on it.  Well, he's old enough now, but I just could not send back the beat, rattle canned bike that has been through five brothers and sisters already.

I had Kalten strip the bike, blast it, and spray and sand the layers of primer as an intro to resprays.  I then layed down a quick couple of coats of PPG Concept 2 Kawasaki green and some vinyl decals.  This'll be like a new bike for little Timmy.  Hopefully he'll feel like he's getting something spanky fresh instead of another hand me down :)

For what it's worth, I did not put this on the scale, as I could barely lift it up!  No wonder it's lasted this long ;)

See y'all tomorrow,



Roy said...

That's sooo sweet, will have to work on my own weight now first ;-)
Great to see the project getting shape, can't wait to hit the trails on a 29er again. Thanks a million Rody(and Bill ofcourse)
cheers from the Dutch mountains

Greg said...

Hey man, How much does $$$ does it take to build up a fork like this. I've been in the market for a rigid fork and am really interested.