Thursday, November 18, 2010

A dash of paint...

I mentioned that I'd been agonizing over the paint choices for the shop...we'll, I finally threw all the sample paint chips and books away and just went to the store and bought on inspiration.

For the office, I wanted something totally funky and fun, so that I did not feel like I was at work when I'm in there.  Caribbean sunrise on the walls with Guacamole and Raspberry accents around all the doors and windows should do the trick... 

You can see that I started building the custom desk/workspace yesterday as well.  It will have two "desk" portions for a high back stool, a lower corner platform that the computers will sit beneath with room for paperwork and stuff above, and a corner book shelf running vertically that I've yet to construct.  I'm throwing down some groovy charcoal boomerang laminate on the counter tops for the final dash of "whoa".

It's not all about fun though, gotta have some function.  One of my pet peeves is hearing the air compressor kick on.  Funny, the sound of machining doesn't bother me but the two stage compressor irritates the snot out of me, so I've built a cabinet to house it in.  The interior walls and ceiling all have 2" sound proofing foam in the wall spaces, building some custom bar doors that will have foam insulation on the back, and a custom vent to prevent overheating.  Should keep it nice and quiet for me :)   It backs up on one of the paint booth walls, so it will keep the air line run very short so that I'll have little opportunity for condensation build up in the lines...with two traps in 10" of line, the air should be nice and tidy.
On the fabrication front, we are now officially no longer taking orders for Luvs for the balance of the year.  Next run will be in early 2011 and there will be a minimal price increase due to material costs rising for us, primarily in Ti.  I've been going into the old shop in the early morning and late evening to finish up the December run and should complete all the fabrication today, then off to the paint booth with them.




NetAnimic said...

I like it!!!

rmb said...

It's starting to look too good to work in.