Sunday, November 14, 2010

The final push...

The last week has absorbed every spare minute between fabricating, the fire department, and working towards the completion of the shop for the end of November move in target.  As such, I've not updated here or any other forums much, so here are a few shots to share what's been happening...

I took an entire day to run the gas, water, and sewer lines last week.  Here's a shot of the two utility ditches leading to the new building...
 I've set the gas line and secured it to the block so that I can then run it inside to connect to the new furnace.  The little yellow wire with it is a tracer line that allows the utility run to be detected in the future if necessary.
 The water line uses the Pex system, a fiber reinforced plastic that uses compression/swage fittings to join the system.  The system has many advantages; quickly and efficiently ran and installed, capable of expanding during freezing conditions without fracturing, and interfaces with components that match it to Pex, copper, or steel existing plumbing.  Here I've connected to the main water manifold using a "shark bite" Tee connector with the white 3/4" main line for the shop...a process that took less than 10 minutes, so cool.
 While I waited on the furnace to arrive, it's been on with the slow process of finishing's about all mudded up and ready to sand.  The ceilings will be knock down stippled, still working on my anal decision on paint colors for the walls  :)

 A look into the paint prep room and the booth, where you can begin to see the filter wall taking shape.  I'm going to be bringing the glass and the old paint booth door with me...a sentimental mix of old and new :)
 With the utilities run and the ditches filled back in, the final grading and landscape work will have to wait til the springtime...
Since these pics, the furnace has been installed, the final wiring and tubing run for the AC unit, the office, bathroom, and paint prep area sanded and primed, and the ceiling completed in the paint prep area.  Whew!

So much to do yet, gotta keep moving forward.




Roy said...

So happy for you, good to see things getting shape so quick and it will all become a reality soon.... walking out the door through your (soon to be :-) )garden and into the shop you are!
Good to read also that I'm not the only slow decider when it comes to paint :-)
Good luck to you all with "the Move"
cheers Roy

Craig Ryan said...

Wow! This looks perfect for you. Take pics and let us see the progress.

rmb said...

I can't wait to see it all finished. What colors are you considering?

Carl S said...

Wow! Your shop is looking great. How many square feet is it? I'll be building new shop soon. I'm planning on about 1100 SF and I'm worried it won't be enough. It's been fun to watch what you do with your space. It really looks like it's going to work well.

Rody said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys.

Craig, I'm sorry to say the you fully beat me down in the race to the shop finish...your's came out very nice, congrats!

Rmb, I posted up a quick shot of the office in the post above, keeping it honest and fun :)

Carl, it's sitting at 1150 square feet. How I came to settle on that number is too much to discuss here, I'll give ya a call this week.