Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First work out of the new shop...

Busy week going on.  I'm spending the morning/early afternoon teaching Advanced Cardiac Life Support and the afternoon/evenings working on getting the new shop into shape.

Despite still having boxes filling the space, I need to keep driving forward on work, so I pushed out a few pieces yesterday.

A Ti bar for Jared...

Michaels Box Crown fork with rollercam bosses all painted up and ready to ship...

The last item on the adgenda for the evening was a little dental work.  Kalten needed a tooth pulled before his orthodontist appointment today, so with no time in our schedules for a dentist appointment, we took on the task.  How hard can it be, right?




Jared said...

Sweet! Are my bars the first out of the new shop?

Winter Bicycles said...

Abrasive mitering set up on the mill?

Rody said...


Yep, you get the honors :)


Good eye, you win the "looking in the background to see what's really going on prize" ;)

New belt mitering fixture to enable easier mitering of large diameter, thin wall Ti.