Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday's work...counters

I spent yesterday placing the re-purposed cabinets for the paint prep room and building the counter tops, one of the last items to get the shop fully functional.  The process took way longer than anticipated, a recurring theme, but I'm pretty happy with the work area I'll now have.

It's a three level station; the left counter top and cabinet will hold the masking plotter and all the vinyls, weeding tools, and decals, the center desk will be for the laptop and design work, and the right cabinet for paint supplies.

 I also got the bake box rebuilt to a smaller size to fit the room, only one frame, fork, and a few bars at a time now.  The frame racks are painted and hung, and all the plumbing for the airlines are in.  Here's a shot of the paint prep area from inside the booth...
Just have to place the sealed glass over the light boxes and build a new frame hanger for the taller/slanted ceiling and I'm finally ready to begin building again...thank goodness.




Foresta Frames said...

I think you should leave the door like it is!

Rody said...


No worries, the booth door is a piece of Wooster history I rescued almost 15 years ago and has followed me from shop to shop. A keeper for sure :)