Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday happenings

Well, Friday was shorter than I hoped...ended up working a bit over in the morning at the fire department and having to go back in sooner for a 36 hour shift, leaving only 9 hours in between for shop time and to say hello to the family.

So here's what transpired...

I finished final prep on Don's Yo...tapping all threads, facing the head tube, reaming the seat tube, polishing out the dust nibs and prepping for shipping.  Turned out pretty nice...

I then jumped on the bars, knocking out most of the steels to be ready for powder.  Looks like I'll have to spend Easter Sunday doing Ti bars.  Just me and the Easter Bunny working; little bugger gets all the candy he can eat though :)

One of the two final parts for Chad's assembally came in today...freshly annodized seat post parts to compliment his TCU purple colors.  It's the little things that take so long, "sigh".  But they are yummy.

Some quick mechanic's wrenching on a few bikes for customers and before I knew it, it was time to close up and get back to work at that other place again.

Best wishes to all this holiday weekend, hope you get lots of chocolate ;)


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inclined said...

Sweet Purple Candy!