Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holland visting Wooster :-)

Hi to all of you,
It's my honor today to write something on Rody's blog,

Almost two months after I saw the first pics of my new Groovy 650-B taken at NAHBS we (Grietsje and I) finally made it over from Holland to good old Wooster to pick up the new bike and meet Rody and the rest of the family. Christi and Kalten picked us up at the airport and gave us a very warm welcome in their new house. Rody and Emmy made it over the next day after a volleyball tournament Emmy had to compete in. So cool to meet Rody in person after 4 years of sending e-mails (so far for internet dating....).
After 2 rainy days in Wooster, wich I spend most of the time drewling over my new toy and watching Rody doing what he does best.


Grietsje and I decided to flee down south to West Virginia to do some riding there and get the bike dirty. Many thanks to Rody for lending their car and to Emmy for lending her Groovy bike to Grietsje.

Back in Wooster we found a lil' gap in the rain to do some laps around Vulture's knob, a very nice local trail, with lots of technical stretches, a great playground for big kids like us
A little balance practise
We'll be heading back to Holland Friday morning early, but we found some time to ride at Mohican today with Mike, Rody and Kalten, a great, mostly single track, trail where I could push myself and the bike to it's limits, would love to have at trail like this in Holland!
Grietsje taking a rest a Mohican
A big thanks to the Walter family for having us over, we had a great time and will bring back good memories of this trip.......... and for anyone reading this who's on Rody's waitlist, the man works crazy hours, hardly sleeps and pushes himself more than I could imagine anyone coping with..... to go short, be patient, it's worth the wait (I know, I've been there ) .... and no, I'm not writing this at gun point

Cheers from Wooster Grietsje&Roy (having fun on the Grove tandem )

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Matt B. said...

Awesome. Very cool to see a unique customer experience represented on the blog. I've seen pictures of that bike many times, and it never fails to stun me. One of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen.