Friday, July 1, 2011

Win a cool bottle opener...

Yep, just in time for those end of July, hot summer rides, you can win this Groovy Bottle opener.  Be the guy all your friends want to hang out with; the server of suds, the gate keeper of happiness, the purveyor of positive vibes.

All you have to do is send me a pic of you and your riding crew...on the dirt, road, or just hanging in the parking lot.  Add in 10 words that describe why y'all enjoy riding together and we'll send the opener out to the entry we like the mostest. 

Send entries to no later than July 5th to jump on the free schwag bandwagon.

On to less exciting stuff...updates have been slow.  I had a really tough run of work at the fire department...11 out of 15 days.  The few days off I had were filled with a mix of good and bad.

My first day off after a 96 hour push, I got some errands run, cut up a fallen tree at the knob, then came home feeling really tired.  Decided to take a nap.  That was a mistake, as I woke up 10 hours later...ughh, lost that day to recouping.

John R flew in from sunny California for two days to discuss his upcoming builds; a really cool Ti 650b Rohloff cruiser with integrated surfboard rack and lots of cool, unique features.  His bike will be headed to Sacramento next year for Nahbs, which fortunately for us, is just an hour from his home.  His second build is a gracious commission for his father...a German electric assist motor to go on a coupled steel bike that will serve duty on their yacht, allowing Dad to get around with ease once they land in port.

The last few days I've spent in and out of the hospital and am heading off to exploratory heart surgery in about an hour.  Not what I wanted to be doing right now, but my docs are done giving me so much latitude.  Don't know what we'll find, so send some positive vibes my way please.

In the few breaks I've had, I've been whittling away at shop work and a small project for me and the kids.

Luv handle production making it's way through the weld station...

Martins belt drive Ti frame queuing up; new Center Track components in stainless steel, lots of ti for custom post mounts, stay splitters, seat tube inserts, EBBs, and a few large Al pieces for custom fixture mounts.

Hot Rods are all welded up, at heat treating, then off to plating.  The spiders are machined and are at the anodizers.

Finally, I took a few hours one evening to do something for the kids and myself.  We have a 1976 Surf Champ pinball machine who's spinner target was beat down, flaking paint, and was a replacement from another machine.  Wanting to make it original again, I stripped it down, drew some new masks based on real blurry online photos, and airbrushed up a new two sided replacement; sufer girl on one side, board and waves on the other. 

Came out pretty cool...when the ball hits it on the way through, it spins making it look like the surfer girl is riding the board.

As I'll be layed up for a few days, we'll give away some more trinkets to make you and me happy, so stay tuned.




Jamenstall said...


Nice to hear from you. Hopefully your stay is short.


martinoo said...

Best wishes from Europe

inclined said...

Rody, good heart healing vibes your way!

Rody said...

Thanks all, home and although pretty sore, everything is good :)

IF52 said...

Excellent! Happy you are OK Rody!

Walt said...

Dude, Rody, hope all turns out well. You need to work less and take it easy every once in a while!

-Dr. Walt