Friday, July 29, 2011

working out the kinks and some finished paint..

I finally bit the bullet.  I've been trying to ween myself off of my Xara X graphics program and learn the new Adobe Illustrator suite, but it seems I'm always crunched for time and resort back to my old ways.  This last week I forced myself to ditch the old software and have been using Illustrator.  I started with the jersey design and am knocking out the details on Chad and Jude's masking.  I've made a few runs, played with some paint, and have almost got it... The new software allows greater flexibility in what I can do...gotta be a good thing in the end.

In the interim, all paint hardens.  Here are some shots of Noah's finished pearl white Ritchey...

Julian has two bars with custom paint; here's the base colors for them, a bubble gum pink and Fat Chance yellow.
The bar then got a marbled metallic coating and some Hot Candy pink carefully layered on, gotta look close in the pic to see the underlying graphics, does look killer in the sunlight...
and then two more layers of sanded clear to finish it off...

The yellow bar came with instructions for a painters choice fun finish.  These are always a challenge, both in creativity and the baited anticipation to find out if the customer likes it or not.  I wanted to do something that did not take away from the yellow but added a bit of fun...what else says summer fun like palm trees and coconuts?  I know, lots of stuff, but it is what it is   :)

Finally, here's a little project for the shop.  It's a 1940's door bell that was manufactured here in Wooster and was in the basement of our first house.

The bell has been sandblasted and will be chromed along with the striker.  The base originally was a porceline green...I'm gonna restore the original color on the cover box and paint the base gloss black with porceline green steps on the side.  Should be cool. 

Kicking out a tour at the FD the next couple of back soon  :)


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