Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Progress...Hot Rods in the Haus!

It's been a bit of a nightmare getting the outside vendors firing on all cylinders (long delay at heat treatment, 2 times through plating to get right build thickness) but the cranks have finally made their way back home.

Post heat treatment/plating machining is completed, ready to start putting on the final finish for each set.  Still have some spiders to come back from anno but we're getting closer :)


These have been a LOT of work to get all the final kinks worked out, but will totally be worth it.




Roy said...

imagine 'm all colored-up, will look like a candy store SWEET :-)

Matt B. said...

Badass! Wish I could afford a set.

One time one place said...

SWEET!!! Are 5-arm 94/58 spiders gonna be an option?