Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ok, so I'm an idiot...

It often seems like my life is a battle for time.

Besides running both full time jobs, I've also been playing political activist to fight Issue 2 here in Ohio by working the phone bank (swore I'd never, ever do that since I hate being called at home), going door to door, and speaking at a rally downtown...a small contribution compared to some of my devoted co-workers.  But my latest inability to say no/do too much was my decision to take on an 8 week college class dealing with saving grace to be that it could be done online at my leisure.  Funny how time cruises by, because I realized Thursday that I only had until Saturday night to complete all the assignments, read 400 pages and take the online final exam...shit!

So, if y'all have called, txt'd, or emailed in the last three days and have not heard back from me, it's because I've been desperately/furiously/single mindedly working to finish my college course obligation.

Good news...emailed the last assignment and passed my final with a 98% just moments ago.

Bad news...the next quarter/part 2 of the class starts Monday;  Ughh.

This next go around, I'm gonna leave at least twice the time to get it done :)

Hope all is well,