Thursday, February 9, 2012

2011...running the numbers

Christi and I just finished pushing through the 2011 numbers for the shop to facilitate closing out the books, submitting taxes, and calculating insurance adjustments for 2012 premiums.

Out of this long, borish work comes some numbers that are kinda fun to look at from a cycling business perspective, so I thought I'd share...

2011 at a glance:

Total number of unique customers -                         247

Total number of customer emails answererd -          4370

Feet of steel tubing used -                                        431'

Feet of titanium tubing used -                                    192'

Number of K sized cylinders of argon used -             5

Total paid for business insurance for year -                $1756.00

Number of blog posts for year -                                74

Number of races promoted/ran with 331 -                 9

Number of kids races -                                             5

Personal hours required preparing/running the races - 115

Amount of donations for races/prizes/blog contests - $5897.00

Number of Tee Shirts printed -                                 110

Hours of trail work at Vultures Knob -                      22

Hours donated for in shop framebuilding instruction - 62 (4 individuals)

Shop hours logged -                                                 1622

Fire Department hours logged -                                3030

Average work week between both -                        89 hours

and here is the sad one...

Number of rides in 2011 -                                        15's looking forward to 2012, where I hope to ride more, we're adding one more race, and the sun will always shine in Ohio (well, two outa three aint bad)      :)



Wilco said...

Number of times I've view'd your page/blog - thousands

Number of hours googling the internet for "Groovy Cycles frame" pics - thousands


Awesome bikes! Hope to get on the list one day.

Walt said...

Dude. Wow. 89 hours a week (and I checked, that's assuming 52 weeks a year...) Holy cow.

Time to go ride your bike, dude. That is way, way too much work.

Word verification: exablart

Anonymous said...


you need to treat yourself to a holiday!

august/uk/24hr race/beer/bbq.


Unknown said...

2012 stats need to include "number of trips to Moab--one."