Wednesday, March 21, 2012

curved or straight...what cha like?

Playing with some rolled titanium tubing to determine the aesthetic value for Martins build, thanks to Hub for the assistance.

Seat tube on bottom, top tube above...
The top tube rolls out pretty easily, only slightly more pressure required than the steel cousin.  The seat tube requires Cerrobend to keep the wall from collapsing, even with well fitting dies.  Even after, it leaves a hint of shaping at the terminus ends.

Been wanting to do a curved seat tube just to confirm my suspicions that it adds a butt load of labor for a mostly cosmetic value, but what the heck, that's the fun of it...gonna check in with Martin to see which he prefers.


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Easton Heights Blogger said...

I'll be interested in how this turns out; I've had an idea/sketch in my head for years about a frame/fork w/ all curved tubes but I don't think it'll ever come to fruition.