Friday, March 9, 2012

Show leftovers...anyone want a helping?

Ok folks, as most of you know, I only like to bring customer bikes to the show, but as Gates was the sponsor this year I threw together a belt drive bike to bring along and now it needs to go to a new home.

This build really exemplifies my philosophy; clean lines, designed for efficiency and performance, and a bit of style to make you smile.  I like the combination of the steel frame and the ti components, as it provides a ride that is well balanced and just plain fun.
- Groovy Bigwheel Steel frame built with a mix of Dedda, Columbus, and a custom bi-ovalized down tube, belt drive compatible with removable gate and swinger dropouts, custom vanilla shake base with retro rectangles in pink, brown and blue.

- Stats...24.5 ETT, 16.5 ST, CS @17.25 with tight 115t belt , 71.5/72.5 angles.

- Groovy one piece Ti Luv handle bar/stem combo, 27" width, 110 reach
- Groovy titanium unicrown fork with disc tab, suspension corrected to 80mm
- Groovy Disco Stick titanium seat post
- Groovy Hot Rods, 175mm with Centertrack ring
- King headset
- King bottom bracket
- King SS hubs, DT spokes, Stans new EX Arch rims, Conti Race King tires
- Carbon drive center track belt drivetrain, geared just under 2:1
- Magura MT-8 carbon brakes, painted to match
- Saddle of your choice or you can have the Antique Brown Brooks that has been on two rides
- Candy pedals
- $5K

I also had this guy sold at the show, but the customer never came back to pay for it or pick it responses to email so this bar stem combo is up for grabs.  I normally only offer these with a complete build, but you can snag this one now.

110 reach
26.75" wide Luv Handle
Small surface blemish from swaging die on top of stem/bar intersect...I know it's there so I'm mentioning it.
Give us a hollar at if you are interested.




Rody said...

Bars are sold to Bob M.



WPVelo said...

fanTAStic, that keeps me from buying 'em.

The bike is a knockout too. No waiting, no fooling around. get 'r bike!

D Ling said...

That bike is absolutely amazing! Goodness gracious!