Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Luv Handle Update

Ok folks,  here's the scoop on September Luvs...

Steel are all fabricated and the black gloss are powder coated, gonna try to get the white and silver done later this week when I have some oven time.

I'm processing the Ti Luvs right now (like, really, just taking a break for lunch and to post this)...

One mill vise is all set up for swaging the ends of the center sections to a defined width and oval shape, so that once mitered, they meet the smaller .875 grip sections.  With the Ti, I anneal the ends by heating to about 450 degrees F then into the swaging fixture it goes for a quick re-shaping.  The heat allows for a smooth profiling without any stress cracks at the peaks of the oval, a common issue with aggressively bending CWSR 3/2.5 tubing into flattened shapes.

Gol' dang...she's ugly. An ugly miter angle that is.

Working on Ti Luv handles today, so thought I'd give you a table eye's view of the complexity of the dual compound miter in the center section that creates the sweep and rise for the grips. To attain this, I have custom fixturing that bolts into the vise and a removable carriage that holds the center section allowing the .875" cutter to pass through the ovalized end of the center at just the right position, which is a nasty, long, ugly miter. Of course, we mountain bikers like it nasty and long anyways ;)

 Welding them up...I finished up the steel bars listening to some Yoko Love, now I'm pulling out all the stops and loading up Southern Culture on the Skids for the Ti...guaranteed welded with a funky attitude.


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