Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vulture Knob Trail Day...Super!

Thanks to the hard work of 32 awesome volunteers, we accomplished a ton of work today and the Knob is in the best shape of all year. Completed were:

- Replaced Ant town bridge with telephone pole and pressure treated decking structure

- Bench/repaired the Fern Gully corner, the Powerline, Junk Hill, and finished the berm for the exit of the Over/Under

The work crew heading into the Under to bench and berm the exit...

- Hauled out three trailer loads of scrap/waste wood from projects over the last 20 years to the bonfire

- Totally reconfigured the Cheater's Hill longer a loose/rocky/rutted sketch trail, now a sweet high bank slope style run with a crazy fast drop in.  Should raise some heart rates.

Blanton dropping into the first high berm...

Jay testing out the final bermed corner...

The check out ride, "single track chili", and social time wrapped up a fine day with folks I'm proud to call my family.

Extra Kudos to Christi for her tireless work in the kitchen today to feed everyone, you're the best!

Thanks to ALL that came out and helped, you've made VK a place that will continue to enrich our lives and introduce others to our sport.



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