Friday, January 25, 2013

OU Paw prints heading south...

Work in the shop has been hectic, at best.  Lots going on.

One of the biggest issues is outside vendors.  For many special projects that exceed the capacity of my shop, I rely on outside vendors to help out with certain items; hand made fenders, special cnc machine items, etc.  In short, been a rough couple of weeks getting the timing and quality out of them, so many items go back for another try.  Hate wasting time and money.

Gonna be outta the shop today to visit Ohio University in Athens with Kalten...he's decided to attend the pre-med program next fall and has to pick out his dorm.  We're excited as the school has a very active cycling program, immediate access to miles of quality single track, and is close enough to home we can get there in a day, yet far enough away that he can enjoy his independance.  While there we'll be delivering a ceramic steel bar to Matt, a customer who just happens to be a member of their mountain bike team, so I added a little OU green and the Bobcat paw print. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


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