Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trickling forward into the new year...

A quick update for y'all so you know what's happening in the Groovy shop;

I've been working away on show prep, mixing some fabrication with time in the paint booth, ordering parts, and finalizing details.  Amidst all the activity, the cruiser frame received 4 sanded coats of primer and is all ready for color layers tomorrow.  I gonna work on designing the masking tonight so I can cut it and shoot some pigment first thing in the am.  It's always exciting to start putting on the color as it begins to complete the personality of the bike.

 Em has been coming out and assisting with Luv handle production, child labor laws be damned!  :)  As her desire to keep ahead of the latest fashion trends increases with age, so to does her need for cash.  The bars mo quicker!

We wrapped up the day with a beautiful sunset reflecting off the windows of the house and shop, a fine ending indeed.


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