Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ohio Power Series Trophy

I am a big advocate of providing for grass roots racing opportunities. Currently, we operate 12 mountain bike races each season, including the state championships, with 100% of the profits put back into the local cycling community. Aside from all the promotion and day of race time commitments, I took on an awards project for last seasons winners, to be honoured at the first race of this year.

I wanted to make a kinda industrial/raw fabrication looking trophy that also honored our two largest sponsors; Monster Energy and Clif nutrition. Sounded cool, until I had to actually start fabricating 45 of these...what do I get myself into?

Anyway, had lots of fun with the guys who came out to share the pain. I hope they are well received...


sunshine said...

Love the backdrop of the fire against your creation. What is the significance of the 3?

Rody said...

Umm, third place.

There was also a 1 and a 2.


Thanks for the nice comment.