Wednesday, June 4, 2014

RIP Technical Trails

I'm having difficulty in expressing just how I feel right now; pissed off, frustrated, sad, hopeless. All because I do not understand the selfishness of some people.

The Knob has stood as a fun and technical trail since we began to cut the first single track in 1992. During that time til now, many endearing features have stood as defining characteristics of the trail system; the rock tunnel, the cradle, hollowed out log crossings, the squeeze tree, the gold fish bowl, etc...

While out prepping for trail work today, I discovered that over the weekend someone took it upon themselves to cut out one of the two trees that make "the squeeze" on the trail section that runs parallel to McAfee road, right before the switch back climbs. This feature has been here since the start, 22 years, with countless cyclists navigating it's tight constraints. Now it's just another dumbed down section of trail that will no longer leave an imprint in a rider's memory of the experience.

We are at a crux. This is private property that has been opened for public use because we want to share it and allow it to enrich other's lives. Many have invested time and money in this cause only to be rewarded each time their tires roll across the Knob's dirt. However, this blatant disrespect has us reconsidering whether this access is valued in the community. This action shall not be condoned by complacency in response.

If you are responsible for this, or know who is, I'd like to hear from you. Taking responsibility now will go a long way towards preserving access for all in the immediate future.


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