Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vulture's Knob Trail Day 2014

At 0800 it was already inching toward 80 degrees and high humidity; I knew it was going to be an epic day.

We had an ambitious plan for the only trail day we've been able to muster up for the Knob this year, to replace the suspension bridge, Rhino three sections of rutted trail, and clear the briar and poison ivy infested section of trail leading to the furnace.

The day started early with Dusty, Kevin and I picking up a butt load of treated lumber from Lowes, the closest supplier to our local...

As we got the tool laden Volvo unloaded and workstations set up, folks started to stream in, enthusiastic to help out.  In all, we had about thirty fine folks give up their Saturday to lend a hand, so very appreciated.

Aaron  and Chris, our engineers on location, took on the task of directing the pre-fabbed bridge sections, Dusty led a hard core group out into the woods to shape trail, Lorena and Emily grabbed the clippers/machete and bug spray to take on the trimming, Christi was painting, and lots of other folks were giving sweat equity to see the Knob rise to it's promise of greatness.  I'll let the pics tell the story...

Aaron screwing in the last of the deck boards...

Frankie checking out the completed suspension bridge...

Reclaimed wood from years of building less than sustainable projects, gonna make a heckuva bonfire for the final race in October...

Christi painting up the vultures on the cabin so they welcome our guests with vibrant colors...

A big thank you to all who attended.  These are the folks that are doing the work so you can enjoy your trail time. 
Kevin Daum
Dusty Clouse
Lorena Brown
Chris Huck
Ryan Falk
Jeff Johnson
Mark Jones
Keith Feeman
Wes Jones
Nick Barnes
Greg and Jacob Kaczmarek
John Perchinske
Todd McMillen
Johnathan and Chayton Shell
Tyler Bevington
Mike Canterbury
Aaron Holmes
Tim Long
Spencer and Dad
Christi and Emily Walter

These are only the folks who signed in...if you attended but are not listed, please let me know so we can thank you in person next time we meet.

Hope y'all will join us next time.



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