Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back in the saddle and ready for some action ;)

Hey folks,

Well, the long weekend of instruction is over, paid my dues at the other job, now I've got a solid two weeks in the shop to look forward to.

Christi and I spent most the day yesterday doing the mundane items of every business; paying state sales tax, ordering supplies, shipping some product, and cleaning up enough that I can see my desk again.

We received some terrible news yesterday afternoon. The local shop bike shop that uses the front portion of the building is moving on...going to be lonely here in about a week. Here's to hoping that someone seizes an opportunity and re-invigorates the local scene.

Feeling a bit bummed and looking for something to wash away some of the blues, the kids convinced me to take them rock climbing. A cold rainy night did little to diminish their enthusiasm, though I gotta admit, belaying for two hours in the rain did little to lift my mood.

I did have the opportunity to see one of my favorite insects, this little "walking stick" was clinging to a boulder enjoying the heightened perspective.

Flash forward to today, I'm waiting on material to arrive for the last minute custom rack we're making for Eric's bike, so I finished up a fork through powder and decals. This nice white Ho is headed for Will B...

The next week I'm looking to finish Eric's ever evolving project, knock out a custom bar/stem for Kevin that he has been patiently waiting for, and get on two Fat projects.



Oh, and I want to send a special shout out to Wes at know I 'aint paying you no three-fitty to keep reading, but I will send you out some chocolate salty balls, YUM!

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John Caletti said...

That's a beautiful, unique, well crafted fork - Great Job Rody!