Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling pretty tired...

Hey folks,

I apologize for not getting much posting done the last week, but life has been a bit of a blur.

I'm laying in bed now typing away at 0200 hours Tuesday morning and I've got the alarm set to go off at 0420, so this is going to be somewhat short and sweet.

Here's the laundry list of what got accomplished this week:

Began work on Kevins custom bullmoose bar
Finished Melvin's Ti bar, started on laying out his one piece bar stem combo
Fabricated Vince's fork for the Monster Fat...needs paint
Fabricated Stu's road fork
Fabricated Chris's road fork...needs paint
Finished fabrication on Chris's road frame...needs paint
Finished the SS coupler stays for the Belt drive 650b single speed
Made a custom aluminum dropout for a neighborhood kid's bike repair
Got 11 Ti and 40 steel Luv centers ready to go...welding next week!
Got the tubing selected for Goyo's frame...gotta iron out the final numbers before setting the jig
Worked too many hours at the FD, too many at the shop, and slept too little ;)

I'm flying up to NY for a quick business trip at 0600 and will return Thursday, so I'll have little coorespondance for a couple days.

The weather has turned cool here, as for the first time in quite a while, my breath was fogging up my lense in the welding helmet...where did the summer and fall go?

The final CNC parts for the cranks should land by the end of the week, that means the fixtures will be out and cranks will start to be melting together soon!

talk to y'all soon,


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Chad Cline said...

thanks for fitting me in during your busy week - super excited to be on the build list for next year!