Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hot Rods Update...

Hey folks,

I talked to Bill Grove today to ascertain the progress on the Hot Rods and let y'all in on the news.

As of Monday, all the parts are back from the CNC suppliers and Bill is working on shaping up the arms.

A bit of a set back, the bushings for the spindles were not milled to spec and will have to be re-fabricated, adding approximately 2 weeks to the lead time for finished products.

For those of you who plan on using the cranks for a build in my queue (Eric, Steven...anyone else?) I'm going to work on pushing these through to meet our time lines while Bill focuses on the balance of the orders.
Those with pre-orders, Bill and Mary will be returning emails this weekend, so look for some news from them.
Just to prove that Bill is still in touch with his mountain bike roots, here's a shot from this summer when he came and took a spin down some Mohican single track with me...
Team frame with old school hot rods...still spinning.

Personally, I had kind of a mixed day in the shop, I'll provide some pics tomorrow that will better illustrate why some days it would have been better just to walk away ;)

See y'all tomorrow,


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